Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pike fishing has been in fashion for many years as evidenced by this dated photo. Note the youthful look, the eager smile and the assortment of gear that always accompanies the avid hard water angler. These fish, handled with the traditional eyeball grasp, will soon become some darn good table fare.

Scott shows off a typical Holiday Harbor pike in front of shanty #3. Equipped with a wood stove and benches, these shantys are a welcome respite from the icy, cold wind. This fish was released soon after this photo to grow even larger for the next catch. It's alway a thrill to hear the cry of "Flag!" and watch the rush to the tip up to discover what lies beneath the ice.

Fathers and sons (as well as wives, daughters and others) can all enjoy the sport of ice fishing. These guests enjoyed a "bluebird" day with bright skies and plenty of action on several tip ups.

Many folks like to get set up well before daylight; eager for the "early bite". Others like to stay on the ice until the last rays of sun have disappeared. Early or late, the time spent on the ice is always enjoyable and one to remember for a long time.


John Batchelder said...

Nice post Bruce!
Makes me want to go fishing. We don't have any ice here but the fish are biting.

Love to all John & Tracy

Bawana said...

Something familiar about that picture. It was raining that day and I didn't mind at all!